About Us

About the Museum

A branch museum of Echigo-Tsumari Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art KINARE, Kiyotsu Warehouse Museum was born in 2015. A large gymnasium space of former Kiyotsukyo primary school closed in 2009 has turned into a museum. The building serves as the warehouse of the artworks as well as the exhibit space for them. Among the three examples to renovate and revitalize former primary schools in Tsumari Art Triannale 2015 under the theme of "Exchange of Cities and Locals", this Kiyotsu Warehouse Museum coordinates two different demands: the artists in short of space in the cities to present their highly-valued art pieces and the locals in Echigo-Tsumari area with increasing abolished schools. They have gained profit in exchange for their "problems" to be solved and thus was created a new art museum where visitors can always appreciate more than two hundreds artworks even in the off-season or off-years between Echigo-Tsumari Triennales.

About the Renovation

Sotaro Yamamoto, renowned architect for renovation, initiated the restructuring of the museum with minimum change for a totally innovative space. To house the large scaled art pieces of contemporary art, Yamamoto unbarked the floor wood to reveal the original concrete structure and to create a new concrete wall within the present wall generating the neutral and deadpan space.